EDAN C3/C6 Video Colposcope

EDAN C3/C6 Video Colposcope offers a bright LED cold light source, ultra high resolution camera and electronic green filter, producing a precise full-screen image of cervical examinations, allowing accurate clinical evaluation and diagnosis.

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Electronic green filter enhances vascular image displays without compromising illumination
Advanced and fast auto-focus system ensures clear images
Remote image capture
Acetic acid and iodine reaction test timer to capture the correct and precise image
LED cold light source for realistic images of tissue
Real-time image magnification: C3 1-28x / C6 1-36x
Screen size: 19″
Powerful image display and data management software

R-way™ is innovative interpretation software for guiding and standardisation of colposcopic evaluations. It uses multiple choice questions, making it easy to achieve a preliminary diagnosis, even for users with limited experience in the use of a colposcope.