EDAN SE-1515

SE-1515 PC-based ECG software provides comprehensive ECG solutions for resting- and stress ECG, pharmaceutical study and ECG data management. User-friendly interface and reliable interpretation improve ECG acquisition efficiency. The sampling box can be easily configured for different requirements of up to 16-lead tests.

More Information


  • Powerful software with comprehensive functions
  • 9/ 12/ 15/ 16/ 18-lead ECG configurable
  • DE15/DE18 sampling box with convenient sampling button and signal quality indicator
  •  Multi-user permission configuration
  • Lead reversal function to easily rectify incorrectly placed electrodes
  • Automatic arrhythmia detection
  • Event marker
  • Report comparisons
  • Stress test function (Optional)


Sampling Box Available: 

  • DX12: 9/12-lead wireless sampling
  • DP12: 9/12-lead wired sampling
  • DE15: 9/12/15/16-lead wired sampling
  • DE18: 9/12/15/16/18-lead wired sampling