EDAN FTS-3 Fetal Telemetry System

FTS-3 Fetal Telemetry System enables comfortable, seamless antepartum and intrapartum foetal monitoring, while providing convenience and flexibility for patients and nursing staff. External FHR measurements (twins capability) and uterine activity measurements with two wireless ultrasound  transducers and a wireless TOCO transducer, respectively.

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  • Unique twins FHR monitoring
  • Highly sensitive 12-crystal FHR transducer
  • Dual Colour OLED display
  • Automatic transducer identification
  • Freedom of movement for the patient
  • Wireless waterproof transducers allow monitoring during water delivery
  • Long lasting rechargeable Li-ion battery for transducers and docking station
  • Compatible with F6/F9/F9 Express